Philippine Spring Water Resources, Inc. (PSWRI), the makers of Nature’s Spring, has become the home of the #1 bottled water brand in the Philippines with the commitment to provide quality, clean, safe, and affordable bottled drinking water, serves the Filipino Community since 1991.

Over the years, PSWRI have continuously responded to the needs of the Filipino Community by expanding our business offerings, elevating its standards, innovating and diversifying its products through acquisition of the latest state-of-the-art facilities accompanied with competent employees.


We are the #1 provider of safe and affordable
bottled drinking water that is readily available to the Filipino
community, anytime and anywhere.


To provide high quality and diversified drinking products
using world class equipments and machineries,
duly supported by competent employees.


Back in 1990, Supertyphoon Ruping (Typhoon Mike by its international name) hit Cebu. The destruction it had caused brought unimaginable havoc and paralyzed the whole island that the people were only relying on unsafe deep well sources. This resulted on an outbreak of water bound diseases like El Tor, Cholera, Diarrhea and Hepatitis A.

As the demand for safe bottled drinking water products arises, unfortunately, these were not readily available in the market. There were only a handful local and few expensive foreign bottled water brands.

PSWRI committed the next several month in coming up with a viable way to alleviate the growing problem of unsafe drinking water. Necessity and charity drove the company to seek the best knowledge and production process to produce the safest yet affordable drinking water for the Cebuanos and eventually every Filipino.


Birth of Philippine Spring Water Resources, Inc.

Nature’s Spring responded to the demand for safe and affordable drinking water after Typhoon Ruping (with international name, Typhoon Mike) struck Cebu in 1990.

Purified Drinking Water

First Bottled Water Variant

Production of Customized Packaging and Toll Manufacturing

Customized and toll manufacturing for Institutional Accounts. Go Green Advocacy! Reduced the plastic content by an average of 50% versus their previous bottle design. Launching of Nature’s Spring Webstore

Distilled Drinking Water

Second Bottled Water Variant

Laguna Plant

Second Plant Expansion

Bai Water

Bai Water, a Premium Distilled Drinking Water

Davao Plant

Third Plant Expansion

Water Up! Campaign

The campaign aims to heighten up the awareness on the importance of keeping our body hydrated

pH9 Drinking Water

Third Bottled Water Variant

Go Green Advocacy!

Nature’s Spring reduces the plastic content of the current bottle by an average of 50% versus the previous bottle.

Acquisition of Aseptic* Filling Machine

Krones Aseptic Filling Machine that is first in the Philippines, first in Asia and second in the world. *Aseptic means it is free from contamination caused by harmful bacteria, viruses, or other microorganisms.


Nature's Spring Water is the #1 Bottled water brand in the Philippines that is readily available to the Filipino community, anytime, and anywhere.