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If you have trouble getting the bid technical data package, they are the people to contact. Every federal buying office, civilian or Defense will have someone with that title. Orders written by a Military Department or Defense Agency purchasing office requesting that a non-Defense Federal Agency furnish supplies or services from its stocks, in-house manufacturing facilities, or contracts. The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Program is a database maintained by the General Services Administration that classifies all federal programs that provide funding to local government agencies, private institutions, and individuals. TXMAS contracts have been developed from contracts awarded by the federal government or any other governmental entities.


It is essential that the Government and contractor agree explicitly on the effect that contract changes (e.g., pursuant to the Changes clause) will have on performance incentives. A cost-sharing contract is a cost-reimbursement contract in which the contractor receives no fee and is reimbursed only for an agreed-upon portion of its allowable costs. These price adjustments are based on increases or decreases from an agreed-upon level in published or otherwise established prices of specific items or the contract end items. A discussion of why a level-of-effort, price redetermination, or fee provision was included.

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The Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act requires payment of minimum wage rates and overtime pay on federal contracts to manufacture or furnish materials, supplies or equipment. Each basic ordering agreement shall be reviewed annually before the anniversary of its effective date and revised as necessary to conform to the requirements of this regulation. Basic ordering agreements may need to be revised before the annual review due to mandatory statutory requirements.

  • The head of the agency shall designate a task-order and delivery-order ombudsman.
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  • Office at all federal agencies that serve as small business advocates within the agency.
  • A mutually binding legal relationship obligating the seller to furnish supplies or services and the buyer to pay for them.

The cost-plus-incentive-fee contract is a cost-reimbursement contract that provides for the initially negotiated fee to be adjusted later by a formula based on the relationship of total allowable costs to total target costs. This contract type specifies a target cost, a target fee, minimum and maximum fees, and a fee adjustment formula. After contract performance, the fee payable to the contractor is determined in accordance with the formula. The formula provides, within limits, for increases in fee above target fee when total allowable costs are less than target costs, and decreases in fee below target fee when total allowable costs exceed target costs. This increase or decrease is intended to provide an incentive for the contractor to manage the contract effectively. When total allowable cost is greater than or less than the range of costs within which the fee-adjustment formula operates, the contractor is paid total allowable costs, plus the minimum or maximum fee.

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DHS adopts, as final, with minor editorial changes, the proposed rule amending the Homeland Security Acquisition Regulation . This rule implements a new subpart and new contract clause to establish contract termination policies for the United States Coast Guard and amends a clause to address the applicability of USCG’s contract… This site displays a prototype of a “Web 2.0” version of the daily Federal Register. It is not an official legal edition of the Federal Register, and does not replace the official print version or the official electronic version on GPO’s

  • Below we highlight some of the entities that issue a substantial number of the State’s procurements, but vendors should be aware that other entities, including Colleges and Universities, can also provide contracting opportunities.
  • Method of evaluating bids in which the contracting officer uses many criteria, including the capabilities of the bidder, to determine which offer is in the best overall interest of the buyer.
  • This form of contract normally requires the contractor to complete and deliver the specified end product (e.g.,a final report of research accomplishing the goal or target) within the estimated cost, if possible, as a condition for payment of the entire fixed fee.
  • When predetermined, formula-type incentives on technical performance or delivery are included, increases in profit or fee are provided only for achievement that surpasses the targets, and decreases are provided for to the extent that such targets are not met.
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An indefinite-quantity contract provides for an indefinite quantity, within stated limits, of supplies or services during a fixed period. A definite-quantity contract provides for delivery of a definite quantity of specific supplies or services for a fixed period, with deliveries or performance to be scheduled at designated locations upon order. A fixed-price incentive contract is appropriate when the parties can negotiate at the outset a firm target cost, target profit, and profit adjustment formula that will provide a fair and reasonable incentive and a ceiling that provides for the contractor to assume an appropriate share of the risk. When the contractor assumes a considerable or major share of the cost responsibility under the adjustment formula, the target profit should reflect this responsibility. When predetermined, formula-type incentives on technical performance or delivery are included, increases in profit or fee are provided only for achievement that surpasses the targets, and decreases are provided for to the extent that such targets are not met. The incentive increases or decreases are applied to performance targets rather than minimum performance requirements.

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There are a number of Government Contracts and vehicles to work with Booz Allen, and whether you’re a federal agency or a commercial or global organization, you have at your disposal convenient and easy-to-use mechanisms for obtaining a wide variety of management and technology services. DoD, GSA, and NASA are proposing to amend the Federal Acquisition Regulation to implement a requirement to ensure certain Federal contractors disclose their greenhouse gas emissions and climate-related financial risk and set science-based targets to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The Federal Highway Administration is establishing a temporary public interest waiver to waive Buy America requirements for steel, iron, manufactured products, and construction materials in electric vehicle chargers. This short-term, temporary waiver enables EV charger acquisition and installation to immediately proceed while also… The documents posted on this site are XML renditions of published Federal Register documents.